NFDA 2018 Employee Compensation Study

How does your compensation package stack up against other distributors?  Are your employees overpaid or underpaid?  How about the management team?  What benefits do other firms provide?

If you’re like most distribution firms, you’re running lean with just enough personnel to get by. But the economy is improving. Firms are now hiring. Hiring and retaining good employees is essential to your profitability.

As hiring picks up the labor market tightens up. Employee costs go up. Perhaps more than ever before, you need the most up-to-date, accurate compensation metrics as soon as possible.

To attract the best employees, you must offer a compensation plan that is competitive with other distributors. Not just wages, but benefits as well. And you’re not just competing with fastener distributors. You’re competing with all distributors in your region.

This study provides a detailed picture of compensation and benefits in distribution. It includes local and national information for your specific industry as well as distribution in general. It analyzes distributors in revenue ranges from under $1 million to over $1 billion and in over 100 local and regional geographic areas.

The report includes a wealth of information about

  • Executive Compensation
  • Employee Compensation
  • Sales Commissions
  • Inside/Counter Sales Policies
  • Health Care Benefits
  • Insurance Premiums
  • Retirement Programs
  • Vacation and Time Off

The 2018 Employee Compensation Study delivers a lot of information in two volumes.

  • Volume 1 focuses on the data collected from NFDA members as a group. 
  • Volume 2 analyzes data from all co-sponsoring distribution associations. Joining distribution groups together makes this powerful analysis possible. Volume 2 aggregates all groups' data to provide a detailed analysis of the entire sample by both revenue size and geography.

The 2018 Compensation Report is available to NFDA members for $250 and Non-Members for $500.

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