2021 Profit Survey and Report

Are You Leaving $1,000,000 on the Table?


NFDA Profit Report Survey Is Underway

The NFDA Profit Report is a financial analysis of fastener distributor companies. It can help you improve your financial results by establishing typical financial performance targets and by analyzing how high-profit companies in the industry achieve their success.

What’s in it for you?  In addition to receiving the full Profit Report, as a survey participant you also will receive an individual Financial Performance Report analyzing your company. This report compares your financial performance to industry standards. In order to protect your confidential data, the firm that analyzes the data, Benchmarking Analytics, sends this report directly to you. 

Enhanced output — NFDA’s Profit Report will be delivered in an Excel© dashboard that allows you to create customized reports in a more efficient and user-friendly format. The interactive dashboard allows you to select just the specific columns of data you need to benchmark against your company.

Confidentiality — All responses are sent directly to Benchmarking Analytics. No one at NFDA will see your response. (Refer to the confidentiality statement in the survey.) Return your survey directly to Benchmarking Analytics at [email protected]

Deadline is June 30, 2021

To request a survey, contact Amy Nijjar at NFDA.