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Registered Attendees

(As of 07/8/21) 

Company Name
Advance Components Gary Cravens
Capital Marketing Robbie Gilchrist
Falcon Fastening Systems Mike Parkman
Huron Automatic Screw Co Warren Brooks
JM Tor Par Nora Hernandez
JM Tor Par German Ibanez
Kickhaefer Mfg. Co Jean O'Keefe
Komar Screw Joe Clark
Martin Fastening Solutions Doug Ruggles
Mid-States Bolt & Screw Marc Somers
Sems and Specials Josh Ballard
Sems and Specials Kelly Charles
Sems and Specials Ed Esparza
Sems and Specials Bruce Hayes
Sems and Specials Sebastian Janas
Sems and Specials Mike Kanaval
Sems and Specials Don Kubkowski
Sems and Specials Becky Russo-Botti
Sems and Specials Darryl Snedigar
Solution Industries Frank DeVito
Specialty Bolt & Screw Jon Queenin
Star Stainless Screw Bryan Wheeler
Top Electronics Hailey Peel
Vertex Distribution Michael Robinson
Western Wire Products Michael Basler