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 Executive Sales Planning Sessions

During the Executive Sales Planning Sessions (ESPS®), you’ll schedule private, one-on-one business meetings with the partners who are most important to your business strategy. It’s not as rushed as speed-dating, but the principles are similar, allowing you to meet with several people in one day, without having to travel to multiple destinations. 

How ESPS works: 

  • NFDA Associate and Service Provider members book rooms at the Embassy Suites in order to host private appointments.
  • Registered meeting attendees book appointments in advance with the hosts of their choice by using our scheduling app.
  • The schedule can accommodate up to 18 appointments.

Designed to facilitate executive-level interchange between trading partners, ESPS gives you the greatest amount of visibility and provides scheduling flexibility with the most companies in a single location. 

ESPS Hosts: 

  • Companies that wish to be available for ESPS appointments are required to pay the ESPS host fee.
  • Only NFDA members are eligible to be ESPS hosts.
  • The ESPS host fee is in addition to the individual registration fees for your personnel who will attend the meeting and/or host appointments.
  • By accepting ESPS appointments you agree to the publication of your suite number so meeting attendees will know where their appointments will take place. 

NFDA members will be able to make appointments starting April 21. Non-members can make appointments starting May 5

Click here to review registered ESPS host companies.