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Why Business Analytics?
Tuesday, June 11, 8:30 - 10:00 am

Brian Friedle, vice president of operations for MITS, will explore the fallacies of using intuition instead of data, cover the components of a distributor-specific analytics solution, and share specific examples of how distributors can capture more cash and boost profitability by utilizing their data. Along the way, you’ll also gain a sense of the features you might want to look for when choosing a platform that will most benefit your company.

Brian Friedle has spent 24 years in the distribution industry, 13 of which were served as the president of an electrical distributor. He has a deep understanding of the world of distribution and its challenges and finds great satisfaction in his current role helping businesses become more successful and profitable. If he’s not in the office, you will probably find Brian on a rock face or in the mountains somewhere. Climb on!


Supply Chain Transparency
Tuesday, June 11, 10:15 - 11:15 am

Over the past few years, the phrase "supply chain transparency" has gained popularity and momentum, mostly due to several high-profile cases that caused harm to the public and/or exposed practices that disturbed consumers. As fastener distributors, we will not be unaffected by the increase in demand of supply chain transparency.

Many of us have significant controls in place to ensure traceability in our supply chain; many of us have the technology to trace within our customer sites. But what more do we need to do to lower the risk of any potential of supply chain opaqueness that may lead to costly corrections? How far do we go to be transparent in our supply chain and how do we prepare for newfound customer initiatives to support this new era?

Heather Stewart is a global executive with more than twenty years of experience managing complex, omni-channel international operations, including working with many companies to transform their supply chain into high performing teams. Currently, Heather is the vice president of supply chain for Würth Industry North America, where she is responsible for managing global strategic sourcing, quality management, operational implementation project management, logistics and inventory optimization.


A Bend in the Road - An Economic Update from ITR Economics
Tuesday, June 11, 12:30 - 2:00 pm

The economic trends of 2018 are not carrying us through 2019. Trends are shifting at this moment and plans for the rest of this year and for 2020 need to reflect the new reality.  Understanding the changes and managing them is necessary to maintain profitability and/or drive profits higher.

Economic pressures are going to be working against achieving higher profits in 2019-2020.  In this session, you’ll learn what the leading indicators are telling us, where the global economy led by the US is heading, and how it will impact today’s decision makers.

Founded in 1948, ITR Economics is the oldest, privately-held, continuously operating economic research and consulting firm in the United States. With a long-term 94.7% accuracy rating, ITR Economics has forecast major economic events, such as the 2008 recession, well in advance and provides reliable industry and company forecasts tailored to client’s needs. ITR Economics also offers economic webinars, subscription periodicals, consultative reports, and data collection services.

One of the country’s most informed economists, Alan Beaulieu has been delivering award-winning workshops and economic analysis seminars in countries across the world to thousands of business owners and executives for the last 25 years.


Industrial Marketing 101
Tuesday, June 11, 2:15 - 3:15 pm

There is a generational shift in buying demographics and behavior, and this content-rich program will guide you on how to start thinking more like marketers and less like order-takers.

You’ll learn about:

  • Omnichannel marketing for industrial distributors
  • eComm-wheel methodology
  • Inbound marketing and storytelling
  • Traditional or outbound sales and marketing
  • Working with manufacturers to turn marketing into a profit center
Matt Johnson is president and CEO of Spinstak Growth Agency, a full-service B2B marketing firm specializing in the safety, industrial, and manufacturing industries. Since 2003, Spinstak has been recognized as a leader in industrial marketing, bringing creative solutions to independent distributors and suppliers of all shapes and sizes. Check out Matt’s podcast, The Takeover.


Roundtable Discussions
We’ve built time into the meeting schedule to dive deeper into the lessons learned in the general sessions.


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